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Making Sure You are Buying the Right Van Part


It is really important to make sure that when you’re buying a recycled van part that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Sometimes things can and do go wrong and this can be for a number of reasons. It can help to know exactly what the pitfalls of buying van parts can be. This can be useful to make sure you buy the right item first time.

The Most Commonly Reported Errors When Buying Recycled Parts

Some of the most commonly reported problems when buying recycled parts are:

  • The customer didn’t have enough information to hand when they purchased the part and ended up either giving the wrong information to the dealer, simply because they didn’t check their vehicle properly before they asked. You must always make sure you have the following details to hand when making a purchase of this kind: The make, the model, the registration number, the type of fuel the vehicle needs (petrol or diesel), whether it has a manual or automatic gearbox and also the number of the part you require.
  • The customer has received parts, but they were not what they expected. Unless exceptionally clear instructions are given, and the exact information about make and model are received then sometimes the wrong parts can be sent out.
  • Not having the right codes for purchasing engines. If you’re wanting to buy a whole or complete engine, then you’ll need to have to hand the engine code (this is important – engines have either a code or a number, the dismantler will want to know the code and NOT the number of the engine).
  • The part the customer has bought hasn’t solved the problem at all. This might be because the initial fault has been wrongly diagnosed, or it is another part that has caused the issue elsewhere in the engine. Sometimes two or three parts can be affected by a fault, which may mean that the customer needs to replace more than one of the components to stop the problem from occurring again.

What to consider before buying and replacing

  • Make sure you’re aware of why the part you want to replace failed in the first place. Before you fit the replacement part, be sure that all the potential causes for failure have been addressed and that you’re certain no other parts need replacing at the same time.
  • Check you have the complete details for the spares you need. Have to hand all the required information. Too many details are better than too few and can lead to fewer problems in the long run.
  • Remember that if you are buying recycled van parts they aren’t new. The details of the part you receive should always be correct and consistent and you should be informed of any wear and tear or details commensurate with the part’s age and condition.
  • Parts should always be fitted by qualified personnel to ensure that they are safely and securely installed, therefore posing the least risk of them failing. Parts that have not been installed properly cannot always be guaranteed by us