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Advice for Buying Second Hand Van Parts and Vans

As with buying anything vehicle related, there are pitfalls; whether you are buying brand new or buying second hand.

It is really important to remember that it’s a great thing to recycle and reuse and that you’ll be buying parts that have been thoroughly cleaned and checked over.

However, the parts are not brand new and will still have the potential to break (just as new parts can). It is really important to follow the right advice when you’re buying.

Buy From a Registered Site

When you’re buying from a registered van dismantler like VanServices you’ll get the best and most accurate description of the condition of your used part as possible, before you buy. Any business selling parts like these will offer a guarantee on their parts, so that you’re covered.

On used vans and trucks that have come from insurance companies, it is also important to note that the vehicle dismantlers will have no guaranteed way of knowing the exact mileage that the vehicles have undertaken. More often than not there will be no MOT certificate or service history with the vehicle (we will always state if this is the case, and will always let you know if we do have the right documentation to show as proof). The only proof of the mileage is the figure which is quoted on the odometer.

Dealing with Problems

If you do receive a part and find that there is a problem with it, you should contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you out. In most cases we should be able to help you resolve the problem as promptly as possible.

When buying you should:

  • Make sure you know the make, model and if appropriate batch or serial number for the part you require
  • Make sure you know the reason why the part failed in the first place, and that you’re definitely searching for the right part to solve the right problem.
  • If you’re trying to purchase an entire engine it is important that you know that you are responsible for fitting a new cam/timing belt and that if you do not you will more than likely invalidate any warranties or guarantees. The same also applies to oil filters too. Most used engines will come drained of oil and it is your responsibility to add in a new oil supply before you start the engine for the first time.

Points to remember

Recycled spares are not new. It may seem an obvious point to make, but many people forget this. Buying a part that has been used in another vehicle does not necessarily guarantee that they are not damaged or free from any forms of wear and tear. Damaged and worn parts can still be sold on, so long as they are both accurately pictured and described on the site. This is your safety as a buyer and ours as a seller.