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How We Work

We break late model commercials which we source from salvage operators and insurance companies. 

As the vehicles come to our facility in Bristol, they are scheduled for dismantling by our experienced team. Each part is then cleaned and categorised ready to be added to our stock inventory.

We work in the following way:

  • We receive the vehicles to our facility in Bristol.
  • They will then be dismantled.
  • Each part is thoroughly cleaned, checked and categorized.
  • It is then listed on our site in our stock inventory.

If you’re ever browsing our site and cannot find what you want, or know there is a part you require – please feel free to contact on via our “Request-a-Part” page. We always have a ready supply of vehicles waiting to be dismantled which you can see find in “the Yard”, so the part you need may already be well on its way to being listed. We may also be able to source what you require, so it is always worthwhile asking us if there is still something you need. We’re on hand to help and will respond to queries as soon as possible.

Dismantling vehicles is a very environmentally sound way of reducing waste – we consider ourselves to be the original recyclers. By coming to us to source your parts, you’ve not only helped the environment but you’ve also helped reduce waste and recycle.  Help your local (and the wider) environment by making a purchase of recycled van and truck parts from a reputable and safe company like Van Services.

We can courier most parts worldwide, so if there is a part you see that you like, grab it before it gets away – no matter where in the world you are.

We are experts in dismantling commercial vehicles safely, effectively and with respect to the local and wider environment. All our parts are sent out to you with a cast iron 60 day warranty.